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   MOAA’s Catawba Valley Chapter operates a modest Benevolent Fund which is focused on three specific charities, rather than simply making the classic organizational donation to a large-scale scholarship fund. Our chapter is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; thus, your donations to the Benevolent Fund are tax-deductible donations to charity.


   Donations to the Benevolent Fund can be designated to go to one or all three charities.  Or, a donation can be made to the Benevolent Fund without designating a charity. In that case, the chapter’s Board of Directors vote once each year on which charity(s) the non-designated funds will go to.  At that time, the board also votes once each year as to whether the designated charities will remain the same or be changed to other organizations.


   Currently, our three Benevolent Fund designated charities are:


APS - MOAA American Patriot Scholarship Program is for children of an active-duty, reserve, or National Guard parent who died on active service or children of severely wounded military (defined as Traumatic SGLI).  Further info on this program is available at


PHH - Purple Heart Homes provides housing solutions (house, renovation or modification) for qualified Service Connected Disabled Veterans. Further info on this Statesville-based organization is at


WHV - Welcome Home Veterans is a gathering place and military museum that ensures the memory of, and support to, those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Further info on this Mooresville-based facility is at


   To make a contribution to the chapter’s Benevolent Fund, simply make out the check to MOAA Catawba Valley Benevolent Fund, and annotate the charity(s) acronym on the check you send to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer’s address is:


MOAA Catawba Valley Chapter

                                                    Attn: Treasurer

                                                    485 26th Avenue NE (Unit A)

                                                    Hickory, NC 28601

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